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Your child's safety is of the utmost importance

Childhome offers the necessary products that guarantee the safety of your little one. After all, nothing is more important for parents. Turn your house into a safe place where the kids can walk around carefree. In our collection you will find the necessary stair gates and door gates, but also a number of other safety products for babies and toddlers, such as door stoppers, socket protectors, drawer closures and corner protectors.

High-quality door gates and stair gates

Child safety gates at the top of the stairs are mandatory and with good reason of course. So definitely take a look at our super-safe stair gates! These have been developed and tested with optimum safety for your toddler in mind. Our stair gates meet all safety standards and are therefore a smart idea to purchase. In addition to safety, you can also count on an attractive design. Also at the bottom of the stairs or in doorways, safety gates are not a luxury. Our stair gates naturally have excellent quality. In our range you will find both clamping gates and screw gates that you must attach to the walls. Our stair and door rail extensions are very handy. These are super easy to attach and guarantee correct and safe installation with wide doors. Some of our models are the Supra, Maestro and Eltra stair or door gates.

Door stops, drawer closures and more: everything to avoid minor accidents

Turn your house into an extra safe environment with these handy items that minimize minor accidents. Electrical outlet protectors are required. After all, socket protection ensures that curious children's fingers can no longer put objects in the socket. Our multifunctional closures ensure that you can safely close certain cupboard doors or drawers. For example, the multi-lock ensures that some cupboards can only be opened by mom or dad. Our drawer closures also ensure that children can no longer open cupboards and drawers independently. This way you have enough options to provide cabinets with dangerous items, such as kitchen knives, with a safe lock. Our corner protectors ensure that accidents with sharp corners of furniture are a thing of the past. Finally, our door stoppers prevent small fingers from getting caught in the door. Our safety products are all very easy to install and are also made of sturdy, durable materials.

Order Childhome safety products for toddlers online and have them delivered at home

You can have our items delivered to your home. We prepare your package carefully and ensure a fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.