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Innovative and qualitative care tables for the best care of your little one

At Childhome we attach great importance to the comfort of your little sprout. Therefore, certainly take a look at our care tables. Changing pampers has never been easier! Our Evolux care table is unique: it is adjustable in no less than 4 heights and is the first on the market with this function. We also have a care table in the range with an integrated bath, nice and handy!

Handy care unit for cots, parks or cribs

Our Evolux treatment units are the ideal tool for all parents who want to change their little sprout quickly and comfortably. The care unit is made of sturdy materials and can easily be placed over all cots, parks and baby cots thanks to its large metal frame. The Evolux Changing Unit also contains the necessary accessories to make everything as easy and safe as possible.

Handige verzorgingsunit voor bedjes, parkjes of wiegjes

Onze Evolux verzoringsunits zijn het ideale hulpmiddel voor alle ouders die hun kleine spruit snel en comfortabel willen verversen. De verzorgingsunit is vervaardigd uit stevige materialen en kan dankzij zijn grote, metalen frame gemakkelijk over alle wiegen, parken en babybedjes geplaatst worden. De Evolux Changing Unit bevat bovendien de nodige accessoires om alles zo gemakkelijk en veilig mogelijk te laten verlopen.

Internationally acclaimed care bags: here are the Mommy Bags!

In 2016 our trendy Mommy Bag diaper bag was born. Since then, success has no limits. Also literally, because our Mommy Bags have become a household word abroad. The Mommy Bag is a nursing bag that shouts "I'm a proud mom and wants to share this with the rest of the world." The Mommy Bag is multifunctional and can be used as a nursing bag, diaper bag, beach bag, travel bag, hospital bag, handbag, etc. The Mommy Bag is available in various prints and colors. Picking a favorite is the hardest!

All kinds of hip bags for proud dads

Of course we have not forgotten the sweet and tough dads. We also have some super fun bags in store for them. We have the black Daddy Bag, but also two beautiful and practical Daddy Bag care backpacks. The Daddy Bag diaper bags not only look good, they are also large and functional, so that they can be used for any occasion.

Other nursery bags in the Mommy Bag family

In addition to the Mommy Bag, we have a lot of other beautiful and functional care bags in our range. There is the Family Bag, perfect for family trips. The Banana Bag On The Go hip bag is ideal for active parents. Looking for a compact nursing bag? The Mommy Clutch is what you are looking for! The Baby Necessities is the most stylish toiletry bag you will find. Finally there is the My First Bag children's backpacks: super cute! Our bags are available in many vibrant colors. You will undoubtedly find what you are looking for.

Wash cushions & wash cushion covers for a cozy and warm place

Indispensable for the baby set: a wash cushion. A changing mat or wash pillow can be used on the changing table, care table or a separate care unit. A wash cushion is a wonderfully cozy place to put your baby down after a bath or while changing a pamper. Our wash cushions are also ideal for dressing and undressing. No wash cushion without wash cushion cover of course. In our collection you will find wash cushion covers with colorful prints. You will undoubtedly find one that matches your interior.

Relax with our bath and care textiles

Bath caps, washcloths, care mats, baby wrappers and tetra cloths: all this can be found in our collection of bath textiles and care textiles. This way you can wrap your baby in high quality and soft materials after every care event.

Cute baby baths and steps for clean children

Your baby would also like to start the day freshly washed. That is why we offer a solid baby bath with optional bath support. This way you can comfortably wash your little one. Our washing bucket is ideal for newborns, since it mimics the womb feeling. Your baby is warm and secure in the baby bath bucket and you can wash it gently.

Make the switch to an adult toilet as easy as possible with our potties

One of the child's biggest challenges is learning how to use the toilet. The transition from the pot to a normal toilet is also not always easy. Thanks to our practical 3-in-1 toilet bowls, this transition is as simple as possible. The potty is initially used as a toilet bowl. Then you can transform it into a removable attachment that you can place on toilet seats. Finally, it can be transformed into a step using a supplied accessory. The potty does not slide thanks to the anti-slip layer at the bottom. The smooth, rounded edges ensure that the legs are not pinched.

Order Childhome care products for babies and toddlers online and have them delivered at home

You can have our items delivered to your home. We prepare your package carefully and ensure a fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.