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Baby Nests

Baby Nests

Our baby bed nests are made from quality materials. They create a soft cocoon in which your baby will feel extremely safe. Our baby nests are very suitable to put in a baby bed or playpen. A baby feels comfortable in a cocoon nest. After all, in the first months your little one needs a small and cosy place. This way it can gradually get used to a larger bed later on. Our baby nests are suitable for babies up to 6 months.
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Warm and secure feeling for your little one with a new born baby nest

With a warm and cosy baby nest you give your baby the same cosy and warm feeling as in the womb. You baby can play, lie down or close the eyes for a moment. The baby nest will immediately be his/her favourite place in the house! A cosy snuggle nest to gently lay down your little one. Super comfortable, warm and especially safe. Moreover, a portable baby nest can easily be taken everywhere. In the living room, with grandma and grandpa, with friends, etc. Make sure that you always place the baby nest on a flat surface.

Why a snuggle nest is a smart idea

A baby nest is, as the name suggests, a softly shaped cocoon where your child can spend pleasant hours during the first months. A baby feels relaxed in the warm snuggle nest, since it feels just as familiar as when he or she was still in mommy's belly. A new born baby nest is therefore developed to offer comfort, safety and security to your little one. Snuggle nests are suitable for small naps. In order not to teach incorrect sleeping habits, it is important not to let your baby sleep in it for too long. A baby cocoon nest is of course also handy to keep your child close to you. Finally, you also gradually prepare your baby for a real bed.

For how long can I use a cocoon baby nest?

During the first months, a baby feels lost in a playpen or bed. In a snuggle nest, however, your little one can look around to its heart's content, take a small nap or play. After all, babies feel completely at ease in a baby nest. You can use a cocoon nest for new-borns up to 5 or 6 months.

Childhome snuggle nests

In our range you will find some beautiful baby nests. These feature a timeless design in off-white or grey and therefore fit into any interior. The baby nests are made from high-quality jersey cotton.

Other sleeping linen in our range

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Buy Childhome baby nests online and have it delivered at home

You can have our baby nests delivered to your home. We prepare your package carefully and ensure a fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.