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Extra rest for you and your little one with a playpen

A play-pen for your baby a good idea? We know so! A playpen, also called a box, always comes in handy. If you are cleaning or cooking, you can put your baby in its playpen. Then you have your hands free again and both of you can do your thing. Your baby can learn everything in his wooden playpen: gently roll over or lie on the tummy. You can safely put an older baby in the box so that he or she can play well! We also have the necessary baby gyms and cuddly toys available for this!

A play-pen for the baby is not a bed

A playpen or baby box can also be used for a small nap, but we strongly advise against using it as a real baby bed. A play-pen is not suitable for this and you teach your little one the wrong sleeping habits. Teach your child for sure that a playpen is for playing and a baby bed is for sleeping.

Our boxes grow thanks to the adjustable bottoms

As your baby gets bigger and more mobile, you can easily adjust the bottom down. All our playpens are adjustable to 3 heights. With the youngest children you place the floor at its highest position. This way you can easily take your child out of its box. After 6 months, your baby will become more mobile, he or she can raise themselves and stand up. Then it is certainly the time to set the play-pen floor to its lowest position. This way your baby can continue to play safely without falling out.

How long can you use a baby box? That is hard to predict. As soon as your baby becomes more mobile, he / she will also want to explore his surroundings more and also play outside of his play pen. For example, you can safely let little ones of 3 years old play from their playpen. Of course, always keep an eye on things.

Where do you best place a box and when do you prepare it best?

Usually a play-pen or box is placed in the living room. There you, as a parent, engage in day-to-day activities. This way you can keep an eye on your baby, while he / she can play quietly and you can cook, for example. The placement in the living room of a wooden playpen is important. Be sure to place it in a safe place and away from plants, windows, heat sources, curtain ropes, etc.

You can even prepare a playpen a few weeks before birth. After all, these are easy to assemble and then you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Beautiful Childhome boxes of high quality

All our playpens are provided with excellent quality and enormous ease of use. These are all made of sturdy beech and therefore last for years. Our boxes naturally also meet the necessary safety standards and thus guarantee sustainable use. Our baby play-pens are invariably equipped with an adjustable bottom (3 heights) and wheels with brakes. This way they can easily be moved.

Our boxes fit into any living room thanks to their beautiful timeless design. We have boxes in a lot of neutral colors, so you will definitely find what you are looking for. Think of playpens in white, gray, black or nature.

Some handy playpen accessories

Childhome also provides a number of indispensable accessories to complete your playpen. For some of our play-pens, we provide some sturdy drawers that you can easily slide under. This way you can put the necessary baby things in the playpen drawer, so that you always have everything at hand. You can also create a heavenly canopy playpen with our beautiful heavenly rod. This mosquito net protects your baby against itchy mosquito bites and creates a safe and peaceful environment. Extra advantage is that it just looks super nice! You can also attach this detachable sky bar holder to any playpen, cradle or bed.

Soft playpen textile for the ultimate comfort

Of course we provide the necessary playpen protectors and pack girders / playpen mattresses. You can combine this to your heart's content with your interior in mind. Our playpen textile ensures that your baby can play as comfortably as possible in his playpen. All our play-pen rims and playpen rests can be found under playpen textiles.

Order Childhome playpen online and have them delivered at home

You can have our playpens or boxes delivered to your home. We prepare your package carefully and ensure a fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.