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The Quadruple Autobrake with leather-look handle meets the demand of many daycare centers and nannies. The Quadruple Autobrake offers the possibility to go out with 4 children, from 6 months to 15 kg, at the same time.

The quadruplet wagon with automatic brake ensures safer and easier transport. Push the push bar down to move forward. If you release the push bar, the brake automatically engages, causing the Quadruple Autobrake to stop. In particular, obstacles such as a threshold are easier to overcome thanks to the automatic brake. Height of push bar: 107 cm.

The new multiple strollers have a trendy leather handle and safety bumper. The edges are finished with reflective strips to increase visibility in the dark. Smaller bags were added with numbers corresponding to the seats. In this way it is easy to remember which soother belongs to which child.

This multiple wagon has swivel wheels in the front that provide extra flexibility and a good grip on the road and one large central brake at the rear. Four large wheels at the rear ensure more stability and greater ease of use.

The Quadruple Autobrake has 4 seats with each an individual and adjustable backrest. On top of that each seat has a 5-point safety harness. Two removable sun canopies protect the children against the sun and the wind and two large shopping baskets provide the necessary storage. A large and removable bumper in the front offers additional safety.

Angle of the front seats: upright position 115° - lying position 135°
Angle of the back seats: upright position 130° - lying position 140°
Size of the seats in the front: backrest W 25 cm x H 43 cm - seat W 28 cm x L 21 cm
Size of the seats in the back: backrest W 26 cm x H 40 cm - seat W 29 cm x L 23 cm
Size when folded : L 84 cm x W 110 cm x H 74 cm

The Quadruple Autobrake has a sturdy steel frame and tedelon covering that makes the multiple wagon robust and ensures the durability of the multiple wagon.

Finally, the Quadruple Autobrake is easy to fold so that it can be put away without any problems. When the multiple wagon is deployed, an extra lock ensures more safety and sturdiness.

A modified rain cover and protective cover are included.

ATTENTION: The seats of the Quadruple Autobrake cannot be laid completely flat. The Quadruple is therefore only suitable for children who can sit up to 15 kg independently.

We recommend operating the Quadruple Autobrake with two people at all times, especially on slopes up and down.

Dimensions: 125 x 85 x 103 cm Composition: Frame: Steel Fabric: Tedolon EN-Norm: EN 1888-1:2018 Maintenance: Not machine washable - Clean with damp cloth and dry immediately



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