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The benefits of a nice balance bike at a glance

A balance bike is actually a mini version of a normal kids bike or tricycle. One without pedals, that is. Your child sits on the saddle and pushes forward by stepping on the floor with his or her feet. It has been proven that a walking bike is better for toddlers than a bike with side wheels.

Toddlers really train the sense of balance with a balance bike. That way, he or she will get used to a real bike much faster later. This is in contrast to learning to cycle with support wheels, because children then often ride crookedly.

Additional benefits are that your little one trains spatial insight, but also learns to estimate speed and distances. A balance bike is a smart start. Because the feet always stay on the floor and it gives your child the necessary confidence, the balance bike also helps to learn to walk better.

Cute kids balance bikes from Childhome

With our fun Vroom balance bikes, your little cycling champion will learn to keep the balance in no time. The two front wheels provide extra stability and thus provide extra confidence. As a result, your little one will immediately enjoy from the first ride with his new balance bike! The metal toddler bike is light as a feather and you can take it everywhere. The walking bike Vroom is available in anthracite and white and can be used for children from the age of 1.5 to 3 years. The sturdy balance bike has a maximum carrying weight of 25 kg.

Scooter ride-on for 360° of pleasure

Our super fun scooter ride on will undoubtedly bring a lot of joy to your child! Thanks to the swivel wheels that can rotate 360 ​​°, your little one can easily go in any direction. Forward, backward, diagonal or just spin around: all no problem with this ride-on scooter! In this way children playfully train their balance and coordination. That is not all. A handy carrying basket was provided at the front. This way, a favorite toy or hug can be transported. Your little one will make the most beautiful drawings on the chalk board.

Wooden baby walker to learn to walk

Your child can take his first steps with our wooden walkers. The baby walker supports your little one. The walking cart is ideal for transporting all favorite things. Moreover, the nice baby walker also looks great as a decoration in the living room or nursery. Small artists can also make the most beautiful drawings on the chalkboard in front.

Order Childhome balance bikes and baby walkers online and have them delivered at home

You can have our balance bikes and baby walkers delivered to your home. We prepare your package carefully and ensure a fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.