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Baby Wrappers

Baby Wrappers

A baby wrapper makes sure your little one is warm and comfortable at all times. You can wrap up your baby in one of our soft baby wrapper blankets for their afternoon nap. On top of that, you can use the baby wrapper in a bouncer, car seat or buggy. Thanks to the holes for safety straps, your little one is safe at all times. To make sure the baby wrapper doesn’t unfold, Childhome added a velcro strap to close the wrapper.

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Baby wrapper for warmth and affection

New born babies often lack the affection and warmth they had in mom's belly. With one of our swaddle wrappers, your baby will have the same feeling again immediately. This way your baby can sleep better and it feels safe and secure. This increases the chance of quiet nights, so a baby wrapper is also a big plus for you.

Swaddle wrapper for home or on the move

Our soft and comfortable newborn wrappers are multifunctional. You can use it anywhere and anytime to keep your little one warm and cosy. You can use our soft baby wrappers with hood to wrap your baby or as a blanket in a buggy, bouncer or car seat. We even provide openings to insert safety straps. This way you can always use your baby wrapper safely and it keeps your baby nice and warm! Our swaddling wrappers are also easy to close with a velcro sticker.

Qualitative newborn wrapper with beautiful design

Our baby wrappers look very nice thanks to the timeless, trendy designs. This way they always fit into any interior, car or buggy. Our swaddle wrappers are of course made from the best materials such as sturdy and soft polyester and cotton, so that they last a long time and give your little one a warm and secure feeling in all circumstances.

Other sleeping linen in our range

Of course we have other sleeping linen for a soft night's sleep for your little one. So take a look at the overview page of all our sleeping linen!

Order Childhome baby wrappers online and have it delivered at home

You can have our swaddle wrappers delivered to your home. We prepare your package carefully and ensure fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.