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High chairs

Carefree dining with your little one? No problem with one of our high chairs!

In our range you will find all kinds of dining chairs for kids. We list all options, so that you know which type is the right high chair for you:

High chair with dinner tray: thanks to a high chair with an eating tablet, your little one is immediately ready to eat at the table! Our eating trays for high chairs are always removable. Very easy to clean!

Grow chairs: you can use our grow chairs for years. Both the footrest and seat support are easily adjustable in height. This way you always have a safe seat at home. And that without the use of screws. For example, the growth chair can not only be used as a high chair for your little one, but even as a dining chair or office chair for older children.

Design children's chairs: our high dining chairs are available in many designs and colors. So there is always a favorite for you. Our high chairs are designed with a lot of love and an eye for detail.

Foldable highchairs: you don’t have too much space in your house? Do you want to be able to store the high chair immediately after a meal? Then a folding high chair is the right answer. You can hang our folding child seat on a hook to save space. But there's more. You can even use the high chair as a bar stool or ladder!

Table hanging chairs: a table hanger is super handy to take with you on the move. A table hanging chair can easily be attached to a table via sturdy clamps. This way your child is always close to you and he or she has a comfortable place to eat.

Handy high chair accessories for the ultimate comfort of your little one

Naturally, the necessary highchair accessories cannot be missing from our range. We have the nicest seat cushions to make your child sit extra softly. These are available in a variety of fun designs. You can even use most of these high chair cushions in a buggy or bouncer! For our widely acclaimed Evolu high chairs we have a number of extra high chair accessories:

- Separately available eating tray
- Extra set of long legs
- A handy storage basket
- Made-to-measure high chair cushions
- Newborn seat with seat reducer. These are ideal for newborn babies.

High quality award winning highchairs

A number of our high chairs have already won several international prizes. The combination of design, ease of use and quality materials have already surprised many a jury. Our highchairs have an original Belgian design. Sturdy materials such as polypropylene and beech ensure sustainable use. That way you can be sure that you get the best quality for your little one.

Buy Childhome high chair online and have it delivered at home

You can have our high chairs delivered to your home. We prepare your package carefully and ensure a fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.