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Standing Stuffed Animals

Standing Stuffed Animals

Your children will undoubtedly be amazed when they discover our giant stuffed animals. These friendly giants have a super soft fur. Giraffes, elephants or the alpaca: small animal lovers will immediately feel like they are in the jungle! Our soft cuddly toys also look great as decorations in the nursery. Moreover, they are loyal friends who are always ready to play with your child.

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Animalistic vibe with a beautiful big stuffed animal in the baby room

Do you want to bring a trendy jungle atmosphere in the nursery? Then take a look at our cute standing animals! Our plush animals look super nice and fit into any interior. The great thing about our big stuffed animals is that they are fun to play with, but can also be used as decoration. Our stuffed animals are loyal friends who are guaranteed to become your child's favourite.

Cool stuffed animals with a soft fur

To ensure extra playing fun, our big stuffed toys are made of high-quality materials, both on the inside and the outside. The fur was made from soft polyester and feels so wonderful. Small children's hands will have to make an effort to stay away from the enormous stuffed animals!

Different standing stuffed animals for small animal lovers

Childhome provides a super fun range with various large plush animals. What do you think of our alpaca stuffed toy? A faithful animal that is only too happy to be in the nursery. Do you want to bring the safari vibe to your home more? Then you will certainly fall for our giraffes or elephants.

Giant stuffed animals to sit on

Our stuffed animals stand up independently without difficulty. An additional nice feature is that some of them are suitable to sit on. This way you can put your little one on a big stuffed animal. This looks super cute and your child will have a blast. Fun guaranteed! The animals can even take on mom and dad. You can ride around on the alpaca stuffed animal and elephant stuffed animals all day. The giraffe stuffed animals are not suitable to sit on.

Complete Play & Relax collection

Of course we have other things to play with or to relax peacefully. So take a look at the overview page of our entire Play & Relax collection!

Order Childhome giant stuffed animals online and have them delivered at home

You can have our big stuffed animals delivered to your home. We prepare your package carefully and ensure a fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.