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Let your little one discover the big world from a safe baby bouncer. Our bouncers are easy to move from one room to another. This way you can always have your baby close to you. Place a baby gym over the babysitter for some extra entertainment. Of course you can also let your little one dose of for a little nap. Our baby bouncers are made from sustainable materials, they can last for years. Our rockers for babies are extremely safe and are all equipped with a three-point or a five-point safety belt.

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Best baby bouncer for your little one

In a bouncer or rocker your baby can relax, play or just look around. A baby bouncer comes in handy when you want to have your hands free. Your baby can rest a bit in his little rocker and you can do whatever you want. You can also use a baby bouncer when you are feeding your little one.

How long can you use a baby rocker?

You can use a bouncer from birth up to and including 6 to 9 months up to a maximum of 9 kg. How long you can use a bouncer exactly depends on the dimensions of the baby rocker and the size and mobility of your child. You can no longer use the baby bouncer when your baby becomes too mobile or when he / she can move into a sitting position independently, so they can't tilt over.

Safe and functional baby rocker from Childhome

Our baby rockers are equipped with a 3-point safety belt, so your little one is always securely attached. Childhome’s baby rockers provide your little one with sufficient ergonomic support that helps the development of the spine. The unique rocking movement gives your baby the feeling that it is in the arms of mom or dad. The handrails are adjustable in different positions, so that you can place your child on the right or flatter side. Our Woodrock wooden bouncer gently cradles your baby from front to back, but by turning the frame you can even let it wiggle from left to right. You can also put the Woodrock bouncer in a fixed position, so that the rocker is stationary.

Baby bouncer with modern design

Childhome has some very nice bouncers for babies in their range. We have baby bouncers with an aluminium frame or a wooden frame. Our bouncer cushions are all made from high-quality jersey. The covers are removable and you need to order them separately at the Woodrock. Our sitters have a modern look and perfectly fit in every baby or living room. Due to their light weight, they are also very easy to move.

Complete Play & Relax collection

Of course we have other things to play with or to relax peacefully. So take a look at the overview page of our entire Play & Relax collection!

Order Childhome baby bouncer online and have it delivered at home

You can have our baby rockers delivered to your home. We prepare your package carefully and ensure a fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.