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Are you buying something from a European retailer for private use? Then you are entitled to a legal warranty of 2 years. A warranty period of 2 years applies to all our products. You can also check this on the product page.

The statutory 2-year warranty applies to any lack of conformity to your property. According to Article 1640 of the Civil Code, this is as:

  • the characteristics of your purchase are not the same as those of the tone model (for example: you bought white toilet seat but received a gray one)
  • the quality and performance do not meet the expectations that you had and that the seller / manufacturer created (for example: the room-filling lamp appears to give very little light)
  • you cannot use the product for which it serves normally or for the special requirements that you set and that the seller accepted. (for example: the purchased vacuum cleaner does not suck dust)

You discover the defect? Respond immediately by contacting us.

You can ask us, unless this is impossible or disproportionate, to replace the property.

The legal warranty is free of charge for the buyer. We, the seller, must bear all costs for the repair, replacement, delivery and return.

If you purchased an item on this website, you can find out in the questions below what you should do with damaged items. If you purchased a Childhome item from one of our distributors, you should contact them directly.

Is your item broken after normal use and is this still within the warranty period or does the product contain a manufacturing defect? Then proceed as follows:

  • Send an e-mail to You state your order number, you describe the damage to the item and you add a few photos as proof.
  • In consultation, we determine the best and fastest solution.
  • We will inform you of this by e-mail.
  • In the first instance, we recommend that you refuse the delivery of an item that shows clear transport damage. You do not accept the delivery. The item is sent back to us.
  • You then inform us by e-mail ( You state your order number and the reason for refusal.
  • In the event of a refusal, we can immediately provide you with a new item. Unless it is not in stock, then it must be ordered.
  • Have you nevertheless accepted your package and only then discover that the item has been damaged by transport? Then you also immediately contact us ( You state your order number, you describe the damage and you send us photos of the damaged packaging and of the damage to the item.
  • In this case, we must open a claim with the carrier. We will provide you with a free return label, which you can use to return the defective item. Please ensure that the item is properly packaged and does not incur any additional damage during the return.
  • We will only send you a new item if we can see from the return label that the defective item has actually been sent. This is to prevent that you are ultimately in possession of 2 items (while you only bought 1).
  • If the spare part is in stock with us, it can be sent immediately.
  • If the spare part is not in stock, it will be sent as soon as it is available again.
  • A defective item with normal use, within the legal warranty: free replacement.
  • A defective item under normal use, outside the legal warranty: replacement possible; at the expense of the customer.
  • A defective item by your own doing, within or outside the legal warranty: replacement possible; at the expense of the customer.

Provided that the item is still available.