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Cribs & Bedside Cribs

Cribs & Bedside Cribs

A safe crib is a must have for your newborn baby. In our collection you will find some beautiful cradles. Our Rattan Cradle, for example, will bring a bohemian vibe to your nursery. The Evolux Crib, on the other hand, has a timeless design. The Bedside Crib comes in handy when you want to have your little one close to you while you are sleeping. Our cradles are neutral in colour and therefore perfect for girls and boys.

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Safe and secure feeling during the first months in a baby crib

A crib is the ideal piece of furniture for babies up to about 6 months. After all, your little one is warm, safe and secure in a baby cradle. After 9 months in the belly with mommy your baby needs a cosy and warm place and for that a crib is perfect. At Childhome you will find some beautiful and safe cradles that of course meet all safety standards.

Why a cradle is a smart idea

The purchase of a crib is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. A baby cot is too large for a new born child, so he or she will feel lost. A crib, on the other hand, is much smaller and therefore gives your baby a safe and reassuring feeling. You can perfectly place a crib in the baby room, living room or bedroom. Do you choose our bedside crib? Then you can easily place it next to your bed, so that your little one is always close to you.

How long can you use a baby cradle?

This of course depends on the size and growth of your child, but in general we can say that a co sleeper can be used for up to 6 months. After that, the baby will no longer fit into its cradle. You can then switch to a baby cot. Even if you notice that your baby can sit independently, turn around easily, you better switch to a baby bed.

The ideal placement of a crib or bedside cradle

You should always place our cribs on a horizontal, flat base. Never place the cradle near curtain cords or other dangerous items that could cause suffocation. Also make sure that you do not place the crib near a window or near a heat source. Thanks to their beautiful designs, our cots fit into all interiors and can be placed in the baby room, in the living room or in your bedroom.

The Childhome cradles offer optimum quality

At Childhome we want to make the lives of all parents as pleasant as possible. That is why we offer high quality baby cribs. There is the Evolux crib, a large, stable cradle with anti-skid wooden legs and breathable 3D air mesh sides that ensure maximum air circulation. What about our beautiful rattan cradle? This fits into any interior thanks to its timeless and beautiful design. For our rattan cradle we also have a super soft cover that ensures that your little one is extra cosy and safe. You can sleep comfortably close to your baby with our bedside crib with wheels. This co-sleeper is made of high-quality wood and can be attached to your bed with a fastening strap. All our cradles come included with a super soft and comfortable mattress.

Other furniture in our range

Of course we have other furniture that would look beautiful in your interior. So take a look at the overview page of all our baby & kids furniture!

Order Childhome crib online and have it delivered at home

You can have our cradles delivered to your home. We prepare your package carefully and ensure a fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.