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Going out

Solid child car seats and booster seats for the safest car journeys

You are obliged to place your little one in a modified child car seat. That's why it's better to immediately invest in quality. Our booster car seats are made from sturdy materials and have the necessary features to make the car ride as pleasant as possible. We have toddler car seats for children from groups 0 to 3. This way you will undoubtedly find a kid car seat that fits your needs. All our car seats are equipped with an Isofix installation. Our child car seats are equipped with a 5-point safety belt, so that the kids can always sit in the car super safely. Are your children a little older already? Then our booster seat is the only correct answer. The booster seat ensures that the children are seated higher and so they can correctly put their seat belt on.

Internationally acclaimed diaper bags: here are the Mommy Bags!

In 2016 our trendy Mommy Bag care bag was born. Since then, success knows no bounds. Also literally, because our Mommy Bags have become a household name abroad. The Mommy Bag is a nursing bag that says: "I am a proud mother and want to share this with the rest of the world." The Mommy Bag is multifunctional and can be used as a nursing bag, diaper bag, beach bag, travel bag, hospital bag, handbag, etc. The Mommy Bag is available in various prints and colors. Choosing a favorite is the hardest!

All kinds of hip nursery bags for proud fathers

Of course we have not forgotten the sweet daddies. We also have a number of super cute care bags in store for them. We have the black Daddy Bag, but also two beautiful and practical Daddy Bag backpacks. The Daddy Bag diaper bags not only look good, they are also large and functional, so they can be used for any occasion.

Other care bags in the Mommy Bag family

In addition to the Mommy Bag, we have a lot of other beautiful and functional nursery bags in our range. There is the Family Bag, perfect for family trips. The Banana Bag On The Go hip bag is ideal for active parents. Looking for a compact nursing bag? The Mommy Clutch is what you are looking for! The Baby Necessities is the most stylish toiletry bag you'll find. Finally there is the My First Bag children's backpack: super cute! Our bags are available in many happy colors.

Healthy walks with our buggies & strollers

High-quality strollers are also part of our range. Our collection consists of different models that are equipped with the necessary accessories. Each baby stroller contains a sun canopy, a rain cover and a handy shopping basket at the bottom. The backrests are adjustable for extra comfort. When folded, these buggies are very compact and easy to carry in the car. The hip Urbanista baby stroller has extra useful features. This buggy is equipped with a 5-point safety belt and a reversible seat. This backrest can also be adjusted and the Urbanista has a carrying basket for the first months! Our buggies have a carrying capacity of up to 15 kg.

Practical multiple strollers for large families and childcare facilities

Large families and day cares that would like to take their children on the road, can take a look at our multiple strollers. These handy strollers are suitable for either 3, 4 or 6 children at the same time! Each seat has a capacity of up to 15 kg. Large, stable rear wheels, front swivel wheels, 5-point safety belts, sun visors and a rain cover that are included are just a few of the many useful features of our multiple strollers. Our strollers for multiple children have been internationally praised several times and have already won numerous prizes.

Pleasant dining all the time with our table hangers

From now on you can eat together with your child anytime and anywhere! Our table hangers are available in various fun colors and have a retro look. Thanks to the extra sturdy table clamps, the table hanger hangs safely and stably. Do you like to go to a restaurant or do you have a family dinner? From now on this won’t be a problem anymore! These hanging chairs can be collapsed so that you can easily take them anywhere.

Travel without worries with our travel beds

Those who like to go on holiday with their little one (s) of course need a decent travel cot. This way your child can sleep in a comfortable and comfortable bed. This also benefits your sleep. Our portable baby beds are super light and foldable. This makes them very compact to take them everywhere.

Order Childhome travel and excursion articles for babies and toddlers online and have them delivered at home

You can have our items delivered to your home. We prepare your package carefully and ensure a fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.